Blocked Drains in Blackpool?
Blocked drain Blackpool

Blocked drain Blackpool

Overflowing drains in Blackpool indicate your drainage system is blocked, Don't leave this problem as the drain will not get any better, It will get worse! JCS Drainage Blackpool provide a 1 Hour response to blocked drains in Blackpool, Using the water jetting method we will clear the blockage and unblock the drain in lighting quick time, Fixed, Low unbeatable price and guaranteed too.

Blocked drainage Blackpool

Blocked drainage Blackpool

Drainage blocked in Blackpool & Fylde can be a problem, Fortunately JCS Drainage of Blackpool is on hand 7 Days a week, Tending to Blocked drains in Blackpool & Fylde, A blocked sink, Toilet or a kitchen drain is also not a problem. We charge a fixed low cost for all drain clearance in Blackpool, Affordable, Reliable, Unbeatable prices and guaranteed too, JCS Drainage Blackpool.

Blocked drains Blackpool

Blocked drains Blackpool

A blocked drain in Blackpool cleared fast for a fixed cost of £50.00* All drain blockages in Blackpool are fully guaranteed for 12 months.

Drain blockage Blackpool.

Drain blockage Blackpool.

Drain jetting in Blackpool carried out by JCS Drainage on this very stubborn drain blockage. Drain cleaning in Blackpool a specialty for JCS Drainage.

Drain installation Blackpool

Drain installation Blackpool

JCS Drainage install a wide range of drainage systems, from small drainage repairs to drain lining, Manhole chambers, Garden drainage, Septic tanks, Treatment plants and Irrigation systems just to mention a few, if you require drainage in Blackpool, call JCS Drainage now, all works are fixed pre agreed prices with no hidden scary surprises.

Drainage repair Over Wyre - Blackpool.

Drainage repair Over Wyre - Blackpool.

Blocked, leaking, overflowing drains in Blackpool and Fylde, JCS Drainage are the drain specialists, with a large array of modern state of the art drain cleaning machinery we can clear your drain blockage fast. Here at JCS Drainage we charge a fixed unbeatable price for unblocking drains in Blackpool and Fylde and also carry out drain repairs. JCS Drainage have been serving the local community for over 14 years for both the Domestic and Commercial sectors.

Drain Cleaning Blackpool

Drain Cleaning Blackpool

JCS Plumbing and Drainage are Blackpool and Fylde's first choice for fixed price, no fuss drainage service in Blackpool. Drain cleaning, Drain jetting, Drain repairs and Drainage installation, Let JCS Plumbing and Drainage take care of your drainage in Blackpool, all works are fully guaranteed.

Blocked Toilet Blackpool

Blocked Toilet Blackpool

Should your toilet be rising to the top and going down slowly, the chances are you you have blocked toilet. A blocked toilet in Blackpool cleared fast by the drainage experts of Blackpool JCS Plumbing and Drainage are the drainage experts for Blackpool and Fylde. Want to know more about the workings of your toilet! How it works!

Blocked Kitchen Drains Blackpool

Blocked Kitchen Drains Blackpool

Blocked drains in Blackpool, A blocked overflowing drain in Blackpool is an unpleasant sight for many residents in Blackpool, Don't panic about a blocked drain, JCS Plumbing and Drainage can unblock drains in Blackpool fast and at low cost.

Blocked Overflowing Drains Blackpool

Blocked Overflowing Drains Blackpool

Should a blocked drainage system in Blackpool be causing you problems, get in touch with JCS Plumbing and Drainage who are the locals choice for drain blockages. Guaranteed low cost drain cleaning service for the local people of Blackpool.

Drain Clearance Blackpool

Drain Clearance Blackpool

A blocked overflowing drainage system in Blackpool, Not a nice sight but its all in a days for for the drain experts of Blackpool, JCS Plumbing and Drainage will clear the drainage block fast.

Blocked drains Blackpool - Unblocked rodded FIXED FEE £20 - Jetted FIXED FEE £49

(Free CCTV drain inspection with all drains jetted & cleared in Blackpool & Fylde coast) 



COVID-19 Update

We are currently operating under strict Government guidelines in order to unblock drains, toilets, sewers, tanks etc and repair all your emergency  drainage & pipework safely without the risk of cross contamination.

 Both your safety and our safety is paramount in these very uncertain times.

Rest assured we have taken extreme measures to keep us all as safe as possible.


Blackpool Drainage & Lead Water Pipe Replacement Specialists

​JCS Plumbing and Drainage Blackpool have been cleaning, unblocking, jetting, rodding, clearing blockages and carrying out drain & sewer repairs in domestic & commercial drains, toilets, pipes & sewer systems in Blackpool for well over 15 years.

We are Water Industry Approved contractors, fully insured and certified drainage surveyors, rest assured you're in safe hands.


Our drain engineers have a wealth of drainage within Blackpool waste water systems, we use the latest high tech drain & sewer cleaning machinery & drain jetting equipment to clear blocked drains or toilets fast and get your drainage system unblocked and free flowing in no time.

1 Hour response to emergencies, We operate 24 Hours, 7 Days a week with NO CALL OUT CHARGES and FREE CCTV INSPECTION with all drain clearance in Blackpool.


£20.00 (Plus vat) Drain rodding unblock (Terms apply)

£49.00 (Plus vat)  for Domestic drain jetted clearance!

(Terms apply)


Commercial or business drainage requirements ?

 Contact us for best price!

We really are the cheapest around!! Guaranteed, NO GIMMICKS!

Commercial drainage issues or blockages in Blackpool, don't panic, we cover all commercial, industrial and agricultural drains too!

Drain unblocking Blackpool £20*

Unblocking blocked drains & toilets Blackpool

How do we clear and unblock drain blockages in Blackpool?

JCS Plumbing & Drainage have a very large armoury of state of the art drain cleaning machinery and unblocking tools at our disposal.

We can clear and unblock even the most stubborn drain and sewer blockages fast. 

Using high pressure water jetting to remove the more stubborn of drain blockages in Blackpool the pressure of the water jet cuts through the toughest of blockages fast and having onboard water tanks enables us to wash down and sanatise any sewage or waste discharge from the blockage immediately.

Our drain cleaning & unblocking service in Blackpool cleans drains and eradicates drain blockages fast, with water jetting pressures in excess of 4000 psi no drain blockage in Blackpool is a problem for JCS Plumbing and Drainage.


JCS Plumbing & Drainage also use traditional drain rods, drain clearing rods are great tools for straight forward drain blockages but not too flexible for some tight drainage bends and trapped waste water outlets.

Drain rodding needs to be done by a drainage expert, JCS Plumbing & Drainage are just that.

Note: A word of warning if you are rodding your own drains!

Drain rods that are not used correctly can cause severe drain damage, we have attended many jobs to remove stuck or lost drain rods and repair broken sections of drainage made by draining rods being punched through the walls of pipe work.

JCS Plumbing and Drainage clear blocked drains, toilets, sinks, baths, waste pipes etc in Blackpool at fixed, affordable and unbeatable costs.

But who is responsible for shared drainage in Blackpool?

This bit of FREE advice could save you money, Hope it helps.

Find out more Here

Watch a drain in Blackpool being unblocked Here.


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When drains go wrong in Blackpool - Drainage Repairs

Blackpool drains, sewers, toilets and pipework do go wrong from time to time and do require drainage repairs and pipe work replacement.

JCS Plumbing and Drainage can repair or install new drainage runs at realistic costs.

Drain repairs not always require excavation and digging up, JCS Plumbing & Drainage are experts in no dig drain repairs, drain lining, isolated patch repairs and pipe bursting, our drainage engineers are fully experienced in all aspects of drain repairs and new drainage installations throughout FY - Blackpool, Bispham, Singleton, Poulton, North Shore, South Shore, Squires Gate and even Fleetwood, Lytham, St Annes and Thornton Cleveleys too! 

We install garden drainage to tame swamped, waterlogged gardens & patios, Install new drainage to new builds or divert drainage and add additional drainage systems were required.

All our work is fully guaranteed

CCTV drain surveys Blackpool

Buying a new home or commercial premises in Blackpool, Anyone who has experienced drainage issues in the past will opt for a home buyer CCTV drainage survey.

Drainage reports and CCTV inspections are carried out using state of the art drain and sewer cameras, all the images of the internal drainage system are recorded onto the hard drive and a detailed drainage report is compiled with any defects noted.

Find out more on CCTV drainage surveys Blackpool Here

You maybe buying a property in Blackpool that has a Septic tank or sewage treatment plant that you require inspecting?

JCS Plumbing & Drainage Blackpool carry out industry standard CCTV drainage surveys, digital septic tank inspections, sewage treatment plant condition reports.

Many new environmental requirements are now needed to discharge effluent from septic tanks and sizing of new tanks is vital.

JCS Plumbing & Drainage are experts in off mains drainage systems, we carry out installations of new sewage treatment plants and maintain and repair existing compliant home drainage systems.

More on tanks here:   

CCTV Drainage Surveys, Septic Tank surveys 

Drain cleaning & maintenance Blackpool

Just like cars drainage systems require maintenance too, over the years your drains and pipes handle gallons of waste water, surface water, foul water and grey water and we all take them for granted until something goes wrong or a blockage occurs.

Blockages caused through lack of drain maintenance can range from smells, slow running water, toilet not flushing, rainwater not draining away to  even more serious issues of severe flooding of homes and property.

JCS Plumbing & Drainage Blackpool carry out domestic and commercial drain and pipe maintenance, we carry out full drain system cleaning using Hydro cleaning & jetting, using drain CCTV we clean drains, sewers & pipe work and remove potential blockages and debris from within.

1.Grease and fat deposits cause drain blockages and are a common call out for JCS Plumbing & Drainage

2. Silt and debris washed down from rainwater pipes and surface water drains blocks drainage systems.

 Take advantage of our drainage maintenance contracts to which many Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre well known fast food chains, take aways, letting agents, restaurants, hotels, guest houses, estate agents, supermarkets, leisure parks currently use to keep their drainage flowing smoothly and drain / pipework blockage free.

We will get you free flowing again guaranteed!

Contact us with your requirements

Water main installation Blackpool - Lead pipe replacement 

Many clients ask us this question, "What are the benefits of replacing my incoming lead water pipe"?

The benefits are clear, Lead as most of us are all aware is dangerous to our health.

Many homes in Blackpool are still on lead water supply pipes below the ground, lead incoming water service pipes were installed in many  properties built prior to 1970 in Blackpool.

Over the years the lead pipe furs within and the diameter of the internal pipework is greatly reduced, this in turn reduces water pressure to your internal plumbing.

Many new Combi boilers require greater water feeds than a lead pipe can deliver, a new MDPE water service pipe increases your incoming water pressure ten fold.

Do you have high water bills? lead pipes do leak, JCS Plumbing & Drainage get many call outs to leaking lead water supply pipes throughout Blackpool & Fylde.

We carry out many emergency lead pipe repairs 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Do you suspect a water leak? contact us.

Installation of new water mains in Blackpool does not require digging everywhere up, JCS Plumbing & Drainage are experts in lead pipe replacement using a method known as moling.

Moling of new water services in Blackpool reduces the need for costly excavations and mess.

Find out more on our moling services and lead pipe replacement here.


Free Friendly Advice

Water Industry Appoved contractors for the installation of new water mains and Lead Pipe Replacements.


Our Excellent reputation continues to grow on complete customer care!