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Blocked Drains in Blackpool?


Blocked drains, Sewers, Sinks or Toilets Overflowing in Longridge, Preston
Unblocked from £49 

(Free CCTV drain inspection with all drain clearance Longridge) 

Drainage & Water Services Longridge

​JCS Plumbing and Drainage services are a local drainage & water pipe engineers in Longridge, Preston. Over many Years of clearing, unblocking, repairing, cleaning and surveying domestic & commercial drain, sewer & waste water systems in Longridge we have become a first choice in drainage services and lead pipe replacement throughout Longridge Preston.

Blocked drains or blocked toilets can be quite alarming and require unblocking fast, a blocked drain is unpleasant, however if left clogged up can have the potential to cause severe flooding issues of your home or business if left unattended.

We offer a 1 Hour response to clear blocked drains, toilets, sewers and all foul & surface water drainage and tanks in Longridge.

Commercial or business drainage requirements in Longridge ?

 Contact us now for best price!

We really are the cheapest Drainage service in Longridge.


Drain unblocking Longridge Preston

Drainage blockages can be simple to unblock and clear, however some tanks, sewers, drains can be complex, many with a network of underground pipes and chambers and even buried manhole chambers.

Your friendly, local, Longridge drainage engineers at JCS Plumbing & Drainage are fully equipped and on hand 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, to clear even the most stubborn or complex drain, sewer or toilet blockages in Longridge, Preston.

All our vehicles are fully equipped with all available drain unblocking tools at our disposal to unblock, clear and have the drain free flowing and blockage free in no time.

We offer fixed low, drain, sewer & toilet unblocks at unbeatable costs and all repairs and installations are fully guaranteed.

We will get you flowing again!

Drain jetting Longridge Preston

CCTV drain surveys Longridge, Preston

Buying a property in Longridge, many homeowner surveys do not include a drainage survey, drain surveys are carried out to identify any current or future potential drain system problems.

Many problems are noted on a drain survey, even on new drainage systems we have noted issues.

Possibility of tree root ingress within drains, displaced, open, leaking joints are commonly noted on older salt glazed pipe.

Do not leave it to chance, insist on a full drainage survey in Longridge, all carried out by certified drain surveyors from JCS Plumbing & Drainage.

We carry out drain tracing, locating, mapping and surveys in Longridge Preston 

More detailed CCTV drain services in Longridge Here

Certified drainage surveys Longridge Preston
Drainage & Sewer repairs Longridge, Preston

Damaged, root infested, broken, leaking Longridge drain & sewer systems need drainage repairs, JCS Plumbing & Drainage Longridge are experts at drain repairs, using our own fleet of plant machinery we carry out the smallest of drain, gully and pipe repairs in Longridge to larger scale drain and sewer repairs, replacements and installations.

A repair to drainage system does not always need to be excavated and dug up, JCS Plumbing & Drainage Longridge carry out full length drain lining, root cutting / removal and patch repair drain lining which eliminate the need for excavating drainage systems.

Pitch fibre pipe work Longridge, it is not always required to relay pitch fibre drains in Longridge, Preston.

Longridge has its fair share of pitch fibre drainage systems that cause homeowners problems.

JCS Plumbing & Drainage are experts in pipe work, drain & sewer rehabillition and can repair deformed pitch fibre drainage using pipe bursting and re-rounding methods.

Contact us with your drainage concerns. 

Drainage repairs Longridge Preston
Septic Tanks & Treatment Plants Longridge, Preston

Off mains drainage in Longridge, Preston often requires the need of a septic tank or sewage treatment plant, many rules now apply in 2020 and environmental concerns are currently in force throughout Longridge regarding existing septic tanks and their disposal outlet requirements.

Septic tanks in Longridge that discharge into watercourses, ponds, streams or rivers etc are classed as not acceptable under the new 2020 legislation and require the installation of a sewage treatment plant system.

Existing Septic tank problems or drainage field problems in Longridge, JCS Plumbing & Drainage are experts in all off mains drainage requirements, we also offer tank surveys and inspections along with pump chamber repairs and renewal of sewage treatment plants in Longridge Preston.

Find out more below:

Septic tank surveys | Sewage treatment plants | Contact Us

Lead Pipe Replacement Longridge, Preston

Lead pipes believe it or not still supply drinking water to many older properties in Longridge, JCS Plumbing & Drainage are water industry approved contractors for lead pipe replacements and new water service connections and pipe installations in Longridge.

New incoming MDPE water services not only as its health benefits of lead free drinking water but all can increase incoming water pressure ten fold in Longridge.

We install new water supply pipes for locals in Longridge and carry out repairs to existing burst, leaking or damaged water pipes too.

High water bill? suspect you may have a leaking pipe in the boundary of your property, we can trace, locate and repair all leaking water pipes in Longridge, Preston for domestic, commercial or equestrian clients.

The installation process of a new water pipe is simple, and in most cases a new MDPE supply pipe can be installed within a Day using a trench-less installation method known as moling.

Moling / trench-less installations reduces environmental damage and does not require digging large water trenches through your garden or driveway etc. 

Find out more below:

Lead pipe replacement Longridge, Preston


Drain Unblocker Longridge, Preston - FIXED FEE RODING UNBLOCK £20 - JETTED £49

We Clear Blocked Drains, Not Bank Accounts! No Gimmicks..!

Our Excellent reputation continues to grow on complete customer care!

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