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Blocked Drains in Blackpool?
Drainage Services Southport

Drainage Services Southport

Blocked drains Southport, Cleared & Unblocked from £20* 

(Free CCTV drain inspection with all drains jetted in Southport) 

Drain & water services Southport

​JCS Plumbing and Drainage services are local, independant drainage & water service contractors for Southport Lancashire. Over the many Years of drain clearance unblocking, repairing, cleaning and surveying domestic & commerial drain, sewer & waste water systems throughout Southport we have become a first choice drainage company in Southport.

We know that blocked drains or overflowing toilets can be quite alarming and needs proffesional pipe unblocking fast, blocked drains are not just unpleasant they have the potential to cause severe property damage and flooding of your home or business if left blocked.

JCS Drainage Southport offer a 1 Hour response to clear blocked drains, toilets, sewers, sinks, baths and all foul & surface water drainage in Southport.

Simple Prices! £20.00 (Plus vat) Drain rodding unblock

£49.00 (Plus vat)  for Domestic drain jetted clearance!

Commercial or business drainage requirements in Southport ?

 Contact us now for best price!

Business or Commercial find out more below!

We really do provide the cheapest Drainage services in Southport.


Drain clearance in Southport

Drain, toilet or sewer blockages in Southport can be very simple to unblock, however some drainage systems in Southport can be very complex with the network of underground pipes and chambers.

Your friendly team of Southport drainage engineers  at JCS Plumbing & Drainage have fully equipped  vehicles to clear even the most stubborn or complex drain, sewer, sink or toilet blockages throughout the whole of Southport.

Having all drain unblocking tools and high pressure water jetting units within our behicles we unblock, clear and have the drain free flowing and blockage free in no time.

We offer fixed unblocking at low, unbeatable costs, and all work is fully guaranteed.

We will get you flowing again!


CCTV drainage surveys in Southport

When it comes to drainage surveys in Southport JCS Plumbing and Drainage are drain inspection experts.

JCS Plumbing and Drainage provide detailed CCTV drainage surveys, inspections, reports and mapping in Southport.

We carry out Home buyer drainage surveys, Insurance drain surveys, CCTV inspections and drain tracing to more complex sewer and culvert mapping and reports

We are fully certified to carry out produce CCTV surveys to industry standard drainage requirements.

Drainage surveys in Southport can highlight any potential future problems or recommendations to enable a trouble free drain and sewer system in.  We offer free friendly advice on drainage related problems, totally FREE!

More details on CCTV drainage surveys here

Drainage & sewer repair Southport

Broken, damaged, displaced, root infested  problem drainage systems need drainage repairs Southport, JCS Plumbing & Drainage are experts in drain repairs, using our own plant machinery we carry out even the smallest of drainage repairs in Southport to much larger drain and sewer repairs, installations and no dig rehabilitation.

Repairs to drain systems do not always need to be excavated and replaced with new drains, JCS Plumbing & Drainage carry out drain lining, tree root cutting and isolated patch repair drain lining which eliminate the need for excavating drainage systems.

Pitch fibre pipes and drain issues in Southport, it is not always required to relay  and re-new pitch fibre drainage in Southport, JCS Plumbing & Drainage are experts in all pipe work, drain & sewer rehabilitation and can repair deformed, squashed or blocked pitch fibre drainage using pipe bursting and re-rounding pipe methods.

Contact us with your drainage requirements. 

Drain repairs Southport
Septic tanks & sewage treatment plants

We are not all connected to mains drains throughout Southport, amny more ruaral locations in Southport have off mains drains, if this sounds famiiiar chances are you have a septic tank or sewage treatment plant.

Many rules, regualtions along with environmental concerns are currently in force with regards to septic tanks in Southport regarding old existing septic tanks and their effluent outlet requirements.

Current septic tanks that discharge to  Southport watercourses, ponds, streams etc are classed as not acceptable under new 2020 legislation and require the instalation of a new sewage treatment plant.

JCS Plumbing & Drainage carry out existing septic tank surveys for home buyer report, we also install new sewage treatment plants throughout Southport and surrounding locations.

We offer detailed 360 degree  digital tank inspections & surveys for new homeowners with a septic tank or concerned existing septic tank homeowners.

We also offer free advice on environmental requirements & legislation on septic tanks and new sewage treatment plant systems in Southport.

Learn more:

Septic tank surveys Southport | Sewage treatment plants | Contact Us

Septic tank and sewage treatment plants Southport
Lead pipe replacement Southport

Worried about lead content in you drinking water, many homeowners in Southport are opting for lead pipe replacement and the installation of a new MDPE water pipe.

JCS Plumbing & Drainage Southport are water industry approved contractors for the installation of new water service pipes and mains in Southport.

A new water pipe not only eliminates the lead in your drinking water supply pipe but also increases water pressure too, many new central heating boilers do need a greater water supply to run at there optimum output.

We can installl a new water pipe in Southport within the day using our moling method.

The mole eliminates the need to excavte from the boundary service tap to the property and is quick, clean and more environmetally frinedy to its surroundings.

Find out more on Lead water pipe replacement by visiting our main page.

Lead Pipe Replacement Southport 

Lead pipe replacement Southport

Drain Unblocker Southport - FIXED FEE RODING UNBLOCK £20 - JETTED £49

We Clear Drains, Not Bank Accounts! No Gimmicks..!

Our Excellent reputation continues to grow on complete customer care!

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