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Blocked Toilets?


Toilet Unblocker
Blocked toilet Lytham

Blocked Toilet?

Toilet blocked, Overflowing, Wont flush or Broken?

We all need a flushing Toilet and we all use them!  Life does revolve around a toilet unfortunately and when its Blocked or broken it can be a real nightmare! Toilet from hell? 

Don't worry! Legs crossed, stand on one leg! Hang in there!!

Help is at hand 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week for those toilet bowl issues, JCS Plumbing and Drainage are experts in clearing and unblocking blocked Toilets, Pans and bowls, we unblock  Sinks, Baths and Showers and we clear whatever the blockage is for a fixed unbeatable price.  

JCS Plumbing and Drainage are experts in clearing blocked toilets and all of the above, we are experts in clearing blocked toilets in Preston, Lancaster, Blackpool, Lytham, Blackburn, Windermere, Ambleside, Kendal,  Fleetwood, Cleveleys and all surrounding locations.

Are toilet unblocking plumbers are available Day or Night, Toilet plunging, rodding, jetting or snaking we will unblock that blockage guaranteed, we succeed were others fail.


1 Toilet, 10 toilets big or small, we clear em all, Fast! Sometimes a toilet won't flush, no water, or its overflowing or overfilling, this will be a plumbing problem and your toilet will need repair by a plumber, some common problems with toilets are the ball valve that fills the toilet cistern with water or another part is the syphon, the flushing mechanism that makes the toilet flush, leaks, drips and more can be caused by Donut washers, fibre washers, tap connectors and more.

But we will fix it don't worry, Find out more here 


See our coverage page for more imformation, More Details Here!

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How to unblock a toilet

Blocked Toilet? Unblocking for FREE!

Free Toilet Unblocking

A bit free unblocking advice when dealing with a blocked toilet that could potentially save you money and cost you nothing, Free!

Try this bit of FREE advice from the toilet unblocking plumbing experts - JCS Plumbing & Drainage


Blockages in toilets can be relatively simple to clear depending on the cause and location of the blockage within the pan or the soil pipe / drain.

Common causes of blocked toilets are baby wipes or excessive use of toilet paper, however a hang on the bowl toilet freshener can be a real pain, did you have one on the rim of the toilet? has it gone? if so this method will not work. Contact Us

A very simple method for DIY blockage removal of a general blocked toilet!

A household mop can be a God sent in the event of a toilet blockage, simply wrap the mop head in a plastic carrier bag and be sure to tape the bag at the top around the pole, place the mop in the Toilet bowl, No its not pleasant but could get you out of the shoot..!

Now plunge the mop up and down in the toilet bowl, this may clear your blocked toilet as this pumping acton will dislodge the blockage, legs crossed and fingers too!

If you manage to clear the blocked toilet thats Great!! and We are happy that this bit of Free advice has worked for you..

We would also like to hear your success story too, Tell us about them Here

If this method has not worked, Contact Us and we will be there within the Hour with our specialist pipework and toilet unblocking equipment (But its not FREE*) But a lot cheaper than many other toilet unblocking, plumbers or drainage contractors guaranteed.

Our Excellent reputation continues to grow on complete customer care!
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