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CCTV Drainage Surveys


Septic Tank Inspections Blackpool
Septic tank problems

Septic tank problems

Problem septic tanks or treatment plants can be expensive, when buying a new home be sure to have a home buyer tank survey and drainage survey.

CCTV Drain & Septic tank Surveys

CCTV Drain & Septic tank Surveys

JCS Plumbing and Drainage are specialists in Septic tank inspections & drain surveys, using up to date CCTV drainage equipment we carry out Pre Mortgage drain surveys, Sewer surveys and all drainage surveys in Preston, Blackpool, Garstang, Cumbria, Lancaster, Blackburn, in fact all Lancashire and South Cumbria. Get a detailed drainage report put together by the drainage professionals that have been carrying out drain surveys for over 15 Years using Industry standard drainage reporting software.

Home Buyer Septic tank surveys

Home Buyer Septic tank surveys

Off mains drainage inspections, chances are it will have a septic tank, buying a property with a septic tank? don't be worried, just make sure you have a full tank inspection and drain survey. JCS Plumbing & Drainage are specialists in off mains drainage systems.

Septic Tank & Off Mains Drain Surveys

Are you in the process of buying a new home with a septic tank? Most homes that are served with septic tanks or treatment plants are in rural locations, for some people who are not familiar with a septic tank i would imagine it can be quite daunting? Don't panic! JCS Plumbing & Drainage are experts in Septic tanks and sewage treatment plants, we cover a large area too, including Cumbria, Lancashire and Cheshire to name a few.

Home buyers looking at properties which are not connected to a mains drainage system may feel alarmed with the responsibility it brings, Our aim is to ensure that independent rural drainage systems are not a big reason for home buyers to turn down their property dreams.

A drainage home buyer survey along with a septic tank survey is a sure way of determining the condition of the septic tank and drainage system that serves the property, JCS Plumbing & Drainage carry out detailed tank surveys along with in depth industry standard drainage reports, we highlight any problems or future potential issues, the last thing you need when moved into a new home is problem drainage or expensive septic tank issues.

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