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CCTV Drainage Surveys


Drain Jetting Blackpool
Drain jetting

Drain jetting

Drain & sewer cleaning experts

Drain & sewer cleaning experts

Drain jetting Lytham, St Annes

Drain Cleaning

JCS Plumbing and Drainage are specialists drain cleaners, we carry out drain cleaning using the lastest high pressure water jetting units fitted to our vehicles. We can clean, descale, defat, degrease and remove all debris, grease and silt from drains and sewer systems across all the locations we serve.

Water pressures used for drain cleaning dont always need to be high pressure, volume of water used for jetting and drain cleaning plays a big part in drain cleaning.

Drain jetting / cleaning can be quite dangerous in the wrong hands and should be carried out by experienced, certified drain cleaning experts.

If you require an expert to clean and jet your drains or sewers

Contact us.

JCS Plumbing and Drainage carry out drain, sewer and pipework cleaning Blackpool, Preston, Lancaster, Garstang, Blackburn, Lytham, Chorley, Windermere and all South Lakes Cumbria.

How Does Drain Jetting Work 

The power of water can be immense, using high pressure water jetting machines were water is pumped through high powered pumps JCS Plumbing and Drainage carry out drain cleaning at both high and low pressures.

A drain jetting nozzle is attached to our high pressure rated hoses, the appropriate jetting nozzle is chosen for the drain and sewer cleaning application.

We have a large selection of sewer and drain cleaning nozzles and attachments, some jet nozzles have reverse thrust, some are circumferal cleaning nozzles and tree root cutters, Wart Hogs and chain flail are a few to mention.

We have the leading edge in drain & sewer cleaning services across all of our locations we serve.

How Do We Know Its Clean After Jetting 

Drain & sewer cleaning services

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In order to successfully clean domestic or commercial drains and sewers CCTV drainage cameras must be used, the drain CCTV units follow the high pressure cleaning nozzle down the drain ensuring not debris, fat, grease or other deposits are left settling in the pipe.

All drain cleaning requirements are recorded both before and after images, all our drain cleaning work is fully guaranteed clean, cleaning no stone left unturned.

CCTV drainage cameras prove vital in all our drainage works, if you would like to learn more on CCTV drainage, Take a look Here.

Cleaning drains, sewers and pipework for over 20 Years!

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