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Blocked Gully Drains
Blocked Kitchen Gully Drains

Blocked Kitchen Gully Drains

Overflowing surface water or kitchen drains, clogged, blocked with waste, we will unblock them same Day fast.

Blocked Gullies

Blocked or broken gully drains can and do cause many  problems to householders, businesses and the environment this is why they need to be dealt with as a matter of urgency.

Blocked gullies take all sorts of water such as kitchen drainage, Grey water, roof water and surface water, if left blocked these can cause flooding to your home ,workplace or environment.

JCS Plumbing and Drainage are experts at unblocking overflowing gully drains in Blackpool, Preston, Lancaster, Blackburn, Chorley, Windermere and all South Lakes.

We operate a 24 Hour call out to unblock clogged gully drains to all of the locations. Contact Us

What Causes a Blocked Gully 

Gully drains take some hammer, kitchen waste pipes, downpipes and surface water drainage, they are busy little drains..

Many blocked, clogged or overflowing gully drainage is caused by leaves, lack of maintenance, fat and grease deposits, these cause blockages.

We clear blocked gullies using high pressure lances, jetting and other mechanical drain cleaning methods.

High pressure water jetting breaks down grease deposits and fat using the pressure of water and special drain jetting nozzles. 

If its blocked, call us out and we will have them running in no time!

Guaranteed too.

Broken Gully Drains 

Broken, damaged, collapsed or cracked gully drainage requires attention, don't put this drain repair off.

A broken gully pot trap can leak water to the surrounding ground, this escape of water from a broken trap can seep dirty, smelly water under the subfloor of your home or business and cause smells.

A further more serious problem of a leaking kitchen or surface water drain is water undermining the property footing / foundation this can and does cause subsidence.


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Clearing Blocked, Broken Gully Drains for over 17 Years!

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