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CCTV Rodent Drain Surveys & Proofing Services

Rats in Drains Lancashire

Rats in Drains Lancashire

Rats in Drains? Our Furry little friends stopped dead in there tracks! Totally Humane rat and rodent blockers supplied and installed to prevent the invasion of rats and rodents into our properties, these rat blockers are a must to stop the rascals entering your home through the drainage system.

Rats in House Lancashire

Rats in House Lancashire

Rats enter Domestic and commercial premises through various means, lots of rodent entry into buildings comes from defects in the drains and sewer systems, JCS Plumbing and Drainage carry out detail CCTV rodent / rat surveys and will stop rats gaining entry to your property using our rodent / rat proofing expertise. Contact us in confidence now!

Rats Lancashire

Rats Lancashire

CCTV Drainage Surveys

CCTV Drainage Surveys

JCS Plumbing and Drainage are specialists in drain surveys, using up to date CCTV drainage equipment we carry out Pre Mortgage drain surveys, Sewer surveys and all drainage surveys in Preston, Blackpool, Garstang, Cumbria, Lancaster, Blackburn, in fact all Lancashire and South Cumbria. Get a detailed drainage report put together by the drainage professionals that have been carrying out drain surveys for over 15 Years using Industry standard drainage reporting software.

CCTV drain surveys Preston

CCTV drain surveys Preston

Whats lurking in your drains? A cctv drain survey will highlight everything within the drainage system, a detailed drain report will identify any drain defects.

Full drainage surveys

Full drainage surveys

Concise CCTV drainage surveys, using latest in survey equipment and software. JCS Plumbing and Drainage are experts in CCTV inspections and drain reports for Domestic or Commercial clients throughout, Blackpool, Preston, Blackburn, Fleetwood, Lancaster, Cleveleys, Leyland or any surrounding locations.

CCTV Commercial Drain Surveys

CCTV Commercial Drain Surveys

Drain surveys & reports for Blackpool, Preston, Chorley, leyland, Fleetwood, Leyland and Lancaster for Domestic and Commercial clients.

CCTV Drain Rat Investigation & Rat Proofing Services

CCTV Rat Surveys, Rodent Control & Rat Proofing Specialists

CCTV Rodent Drain Inspection Experts

JCS Plumbing & Drainage

JCS Plumbing and Drainage are experts in rodent proofing and CCTV investigations into the increasingly common problem of rats in houses and business premises throughout Lancashire & South Cumbria and beyond.

Rats are very clever, cunning, creatures, however if they get into your property they can cause serious problems if left to rule the roost!

JCS Plumbing and Drainage carry out rat investigation surveys and can stop rats entering your property through the drains and sewers that most rats habitat.

We don't bait or trap rats, we actually find the entry and exit points to were the rats enter properties, we then carry out detailed investigations and reports into the sewer and drainage systems.

We solve the rat problem and not just treat it.

The common rat has a gestation period of 21 Days, why would you just bait and trap them? It just doesn't work..

We solve the problem of rats getting in full stop..!


Rats (Rattus Norvegicus) and the problems they can cause: (Find out more info about the rats HERE)

Rat-borne diseases and parasites represent a significant public health threat and we will stop rodent entry guaranteed.

The Most at risk of rat related diseases Include the following:

Children, Pregnant Women, The Elderly and people Convalescing.

Some of the diseases can be found below and more details on the symptoms related from diseased rats.

> Salmonella - Severe and sometimes fatal food poisoning.

> Tularemia - If bitten by a rat this bacteria can attack your immune system and lungs.

> Leptospirosis - Weil's disease - a notifiable disease, leading to multi-organ failure and death.

> Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis - Viral Meningitis that starts off innocently like the flue.

> Plague - Very rare in this country, but has still been reported.

Rats in Drains

CCTV Rodent Drain Surveys


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