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Blocked Drains - Causes & Solutions

DIY drain unblocking methods, If you have tried these and they don't work please Contact Us and we will be happy to help.

Baking soda and vinegar.

This powerful combination is the eco-friendly way to tackle a DIY blockage. In combination with a drain plunger, it could be all you need to clear a blockage yourself.

Drain unblocking chemicals.

At the other end of the spectrum, dedicated drain unblocking chemicals can be an effective way to unblock a drain, sink or toilet, especially if the blockage is very stubborn to clear with other DIY unblocking tools.

However, such chemicals are far less kind to the environment and need to be handled with care!

Drain rods and a hose.

If you have the time become familiar with your property's drainage system layout, you might be able to tackle a drain blockage with drain rods yourself backed up with a powerful water hose and a drain plunger.

You may have to lift various manhole inspection covers in your yard/garden or driveway to identify where the blockage is located.

When using drainage rods, be sure to turn them clockwise as you work and not anti clockwise or you will run the risk of them unscrewing and making the blockage worse. (Then you will need our help)

Please remember though, if you are not entirely comfortable with trying to fix the drainage problem yourself.

Free Blocked Drain Advice

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