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Drain Unblocking Blackpool

Who is responsible for blocked drains in Blackpool & Fylde?

This can be a difficult question to answer, is the drain shared with a neighbouring property?

What section of the drain or sewer is blocked?

Is the blockage internal or external?

Is the blockage the homeowners responsibility or Unitied Utilities?

Is the blockage off the boundary?

JCS Plumbing & Drainage are experts at clearing repairing and unblocking drains and sewers in Blackpool & Fylde, if you are experiencing blocked sewer systems or toilets and not sure of the ownership contact us we are always happy to help and get your drains unblocked in no time, if we find it's the local authority or Unitied Utilities we will inform you and give you the relevant advice and clear the blockage fast.

Last thing you need is to be hanging around waiting for the blockage to be cleared.

Contact us for free, friendly, honest advice.

We have saved many, many homeowners in Blackpool literally thousands of pounds in drain repairs and blockage removal costs.

We will flush your troubles away! Guaranteed!

A common sight for the friendly drainage specialist JCS Plumbing & Drainage, Blocked drains in Blackpool are cleared and unblocked fast, this picture was taken of the blocked drain in Blackpool that was soon to be unblocked and running freely
Drain blockage Blackpool


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