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Lead water pipe leak detection

Have you sprung a leak? High water bills or problem plumbing? Need a new water supply or replacement of your existing lead water main.

Steve Cavanagh and his team of water leak detection experts are specialists in locating leaking water mains.

Lead water mains are very old and at some point will cause you a issue.

This water service traced, located and tracked and exposed in a house in Lytham, St Annes was underneath the property.

The owner of the lovely house said she had heard water but wasn't sure where..!

Simple, we will trace and locate a leaking pipe wherever it might be, we use the very latest in leak detection equipment and can pinpoint within 6 inches.

If you suspect a water leak in your home give us a call, guaranteed results and we will fix as well unlike insurance companies that send out leak detection companies then a further plumber to repair!!

We do it all, and insurance approve too, along with water industry approval we are the best in the business guaranteed.

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