CCTV Drain Surveys Blackpool

Buying a property in Blackpool? Most of us when purchasing a new home in Blackpool opt for a house survey!

Ask your property surveyor does this include a drain CCTV survey inspection included?

Many don't offer this service and don't have the required CCTV drainage equipment to carry out a CCTV home buyer drainage survey.

JCS Plumbing & Drainage are specialists in CCTV drainage inspection surveys, we provide detailed drainage reports on the current condition of your new homes drainage system.

Many problems could be lurking beneath your feet without you even knowing, A CCTV drain camera is manoeuvred down the drainage and pipe work runs recording and relaying this information back to our drainage engineers.

Once the drainage survey is completed our drainage surveyor compiles a detailed drainage report.

The inspection report consists of property details, manhole inspection chamber survey, pipe work condition, size and condition of the drainage system and any defects within or potential future issues that may need to be monitored.

Find out more on CCTV Drainage surveys in Blackpool here.

Local, Blackpool CCTV drainage inspection surveys
Drain CCTV Inspections Blackpool

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