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Water Mains? Who is Responsible?

There has been a rise in the amount of water main repairs and lead pipe replacements within Lancashire and the Cumbria regions recently.

Do you know where the responsibility of your water supply pipe / Water main serving your property or business starts and finishes?

It is simple really, the water supply pipe that falls inside your property boundary is the responsibility of the homeowner / You!

The local water authority have a responsibility up to the external stop tap or boundary box / external water meter but the section of pipe after that is the property / business owners responsibility.

Do you know were your stop tap is located in an emergency? Does it work? Check it while its fresh in your mind..

The external stop tap outside your property is not for the use of the homeowner, this is the responsibility and ownership of the water authority and not to be used by the homeowner.

Plumbers who are Water Industry Approved are allowed to use this stop tap should it be deemed necessary! But the correct tools are needed to turn this stop tap off and if its broken using the wrong tools or un qualified persons it can be chargeable to the user.. Bear that in mind!!

Having problems with your water supply pipe or water stop tap?

JCS Plumbing and Drainage are Water Industry Approved contractors and can repair, replace or fix burst leaking pipes, Lead pipe replacements of water mains and carry out all associated Water supply pipe issues, including leak detection and tracing.

We are experts at Moling in new services with the minimum of disruption to your gardens or property and normally can be installed within the Day.

Fine out more about our water services Here or feel free to give us a for an informal chat..

Leaking Stop Tap and the responsibility of the homeowner of water supply pipes and lead pipes in Lancashire

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