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How many times does the average person flush the toilet in a day?

On average, and according to detailed (external) research the average person flushes their toilet 5 times a day! to be more precise, a brown flush - you guessed it.. happens about 1.5 times a day by one person alone, the rest are classed as yellow flushes.. you guessed that too.

This is quite a lot of water, and all goes down the drain? you hope!

We all take for granted we flush the toilet and hey presto! disappears! ever thought where it goes?

Drains! we all take for granted, we flush and whoosh, gone!

All that flushing, yellow, brown and even other objects too, get flushed away! hey presto! BUT!

when it goes wrong and blocks up this can be a nightmare! overflowing, blocked toilet, drains blocked, sewage spilling out or even bad smells - Don't worry to much, keep your legs crossed and

Contact us. We will be on our way to deal with blocked, damaged, broken or smelly drains the same day.. Guaranteed.

JCS Plumbing & Drainage

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