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We all need drainage!

Drainage systems are nifty things when working well, channeling human waste, sewage, effluent and surface water and more, but when they go wrong it can be a real nightmare!

Many plumbers are not equipped with drain cleaning machinery and CCTV, and more often than not they shy away for dirty, smelly drainage systems.

This is when you need to call in the professionals, JCS Plumbing and Drainage are plumbers and also dedicated drainage experts, the friendly drainage engineers are on hand 24 hours, 7 days a week to clear and unblock, blocked drains, blocked toilets, blocked, overflowing sinks, baths, showers etc and also tend to burst, leaking water pipes, broken toilets, install new plumbing and carry out lead pipe replacement services.

Call the professionals from JCS Plumbing and Drainage when you are experiancing plumbing blues..

Drain & toilet unblocking services throughout Blackpool, Lytham, Lancaster, Kendal, Preston, Chorley and more

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